Lakeway Roofing Repairs

Have you seen a rise in your Lakeway energy costs over the past year? If so, this could indicate that your roof is losing energy. A good tip – if insulation has been mounted to the underside of the roof deck instead of on the interior attic floors, then you can suspect damage to the roof deck. This type of installation allows heat buildup during our hot Lakeway summer months, and will warp the deck plates. Signs of decay in shingles, sheathing and soffits. In this case, water is entering and possibly running down walls and entering the soffit.

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When To Repair:

  • Interior walls or ceiling are blistered or there are dark spots on the ceiling
  • Obvious leaking in the interior after a hard wind driven rain
  • Signs of water damage or discoloration in attic spaces
  • Soffits that are sagging or rotten
  • Signs of leaking in the attic after an ice buildup (Look for excessive ice dams in the winter)
  • Shingles are curling up or appear cracked. This can be checked easily from the ground with binoculars
  • Signs of algae buildup, or dirty looking shingles in different areas of the roof