Kyle Roof Decking

What does your roof decking do?

Usually the roof deck acts as a unifying structural piece tying all the structural components together.

Types of Roof Decking:

  1. Plywood
  2. OSB sheathing
  3. Wood tongue and groove
  4. Corrugated metal,
  5. Grancrete Encapsulated

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Most Common Decking Materials:

1. Plywood is a type of manufactured wood made from thin sheets of wood. The layers are glued together so that adjacent plies have their wood grain at right angles to each other for greater strength. There are usually an odd number of plies, as the symmetry makes the board less prone to warping.

2. Oriented strand board, also known as OSB, waferboard is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands (flakes) of wood in specific orientations. In appearance, it may have a rough surface with the individual strips lying unevenly across each other.